Research Reveals Why Women Talk More than Men [POLL]

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Women have the gift for gab, and now they can hush the critics now with science. A new research shows that there’s a biological reason why women talk so much more than men. At least 20,000 words a day are spoken by the average woman, versus about 7,000 words a day for the average man.

According to researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, women’s brains have higher levels of a “language protein” called FOXP2. It was discovered that this protein FOXP2 is involved in vocalization.

Studies also show that the female love of chit-chat begins at a very young age. Girls learn to speak earlier and more quickly than boys. They produce their first words and sentences earlier, have larger vocabularies and use a greater variety of sentence types than boys of the same age.

In other words, girls are smarter than boys.

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