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    Karen Clark

    Karen Clark head shot

    Source: In His Image Photography / In His Image Photography

    Getting to know Karen Clark

    NAME:     Karen Clark

    ALMA MATER:   THE University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

    FAVORITE ARTISTS:   Luther Vandross, Jazmine Sullivan, Maxwell, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Diana Krall, Donny Hathaway

    FAVORITE FOOD:   Oysters, soft-shell Crab, Indian cuisine, sushi, Carribean Cuisine and pretty much anything delicious.

    FAVORITE DESSERT: I’m not really into desserts

    FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM:   UNC Tar Heels, baby!

    BIGGEST TURN-ONS:        Intelligence, Wit, Sense Of Humor

    BIGGEST TURN-OFFS:     Selfishness

    FAVORITE TV SHOW:    The Good Wife, Orange Is The New Black and Scandal

    FAVORITE MOVIE:  Aliens, Sex In The City, The Color Purple

    FAVORITE TRIANGLE HANGOUT: Wherever my little boy is!!!

    FAVORITE TRIANGLE RESTURANT: Death & Taxes (for now)

    FAVORITE DRINK:   Full-Bodied red wines

    1st JOB:  Brody’s Frozen Yogurt at South Square Mall in Durham

    1st RADIO JOB: Weekend on-air personality at G105

    HOBBIES:   Sleeping!!!! After about 12 hours of that, I like trying new restaurants, reading, watching movies, going to musicals and plays and working out.

    PET PEEVE:  Bad grammar.

    BEST CONCERT:  Wouldn’t even know where to start!

    ONE THING YOU CAN’ LIVE WITHOUT:     My baby boy and coffee. (sorry, that was two things, but I need both.)

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